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Welcome to, an online database of arcade, video games, collector community and more. As of 2006, the ggdb has been redesigned to not only better support online collections, but to also have a Wiki-style submission policy.
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Top 10 Collectors
» John Yates (437 games, 0 pcbs)
» Tom Szymanski (294 games, 16 pcbs)
» Steve MacDonald (156 games, 8 pcbs)
» Richie Knucklez (125 games, 29 pcbs)
» Walt Granacki (113 games, 7 pcbs)
» Mitch Rohde (105 games, 0 pcbs)
» Steven Hertz (98 games, 0 pcbs)
» Todd Miller (95 games, 16 pcbs)
» Lonny Dawson (89 games, 39 pcbs)
» Robert Irv Lozier (80 games, 6 pcbs)
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David Hesse
Tested and working Super Basketball game board ...

Gold Box Version with 9 Pin Molex Connectors

Original Sega Virtua Golf arcade game manual.

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